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Semi-trucks are some of the biggest roadway vehicles, often reaching weights of 80,000 pounds. The force and weight behind these vehicles can produce significantly greater damage and harm compared to regular cars. Any highway driver knows the uneasiness that comes with passing a semi-truck on the interstate, therefore, it is important for both driving parties to practice good roadway behavior to ensure everyone’s safety.

In the unfortunate situation of a truck accident, the circumstances that surround it differ from a normal car accident. The two main differences include federal regulations and greater insurance coverage. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Act comes into play, ensuring that drivers were being held to proper standards at the time of the accident. Because semi-trucks are larger in size and are often carrying expensive loads of products/goods, trucking companies carry large amounts of insurance coverage. Due to this, these companies often aggressively seek to protect their money and avoid paying out large claims. The combination of accident severity, federal regulations, and large insurance claims, makes trucking accidents entirely different from car accidents. Due to the large discrepancy in case matter, it is important to speak with an attorney that specializes in truck accidents.

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How Can Chalat Law Help?

Chalat Law features an experienced and knowledgeable team of attorneys that have dealt with a wide variety of truck accident cases. We approach every client with a personalized process tailored to the needs of each individual. Our attorneys recognize that no two cases are the same, and therefore, dedicate the time and attention in order to reach the best possible outcome for our clients. At Chalat Law, you’re not a case number, you’re a human being.

Who is Liable in a Trucking Accident?

The case of liability in truck accidents can often become convoluted as multiple parties are involved. Semi-truck drivers are responsible for obeying all roadway laws and must not be negligent in their behavior, however, the burden of responsibility also falls upon the driver’s employer. Truck drivers are to be screened and regularly monitored by their employers to ensure compliance with federal regulations, therefore, when accidents occur this is called into question.

This dual responsibility can lead to truck accident cases involving truck manufacturers, maintenance providers, and/or the drivers of other vehicles involved in the accident. These cases are further complicated when the semi-truck involved in the accident is from outside the state of Colorado. Due to the arduous legality that surrounds these accidents, it is important to be represented by a truck accident attorney that has years of experience dealing with these circumstances.

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What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

Due to the severity and large insurance claims that are attached to truck accidents, time is even more of an urgent matter. As trucking companies will quickly look to sway the case outcome in their direction, it is important to contact a truck accident attorney to help protect and preserve the accident evidence. A well experienced and knowledgeable attorney can interview witnesses, communicate with law enforcement, gather photos of the wreckage, and additional documentation.

1. STOP - Never leave the scene of an accident. If necessary and possible, move your car to a nearby safe location.
2. Call the Police / Medical Care - If a serious injury occurs, call 9-1-1 immediately to respond to the scene. Even if a serious injury does not take place, it is important to call the police. A police report is often needed to file an insurance claim. Additionally, it serves as a valuable piece of evidence in case investigation.
3. Take Photos - If possible, use your phone to take pictures of the scene and damage. If you sustained a visible injury, it is important to document these as well.
4. Seek Medical Attention - If you did sustain an injury, or are unsure if you did, it is recommended to seek medical attention to ensure you receive the necessary care.
5. Contact Your Insurance - Notify your insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident. It is important to ask if you have medical benefits as part of your insurance coverage.
6. Call an Attorney - It is best to consult with a car accident attorney as soon as possible following the trucking accident. In doing so, you can better protect your rights and the potential that you receive full compensation following the accident.



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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks can result in serious, life-altering roadway accidents. When driving around these large transportation trucks, it is important to be a defensive driver and protect yourself from potential harm.

Some of the most common types of truck accidents include:

    • Rear-End Collisions

    • T-Bone Collisions

    • Head-On Collisions

    • Rollover Accidents

    • No-Zone Accidents

Additionally, some of the most common causes of these accidents include:

    • Driver Error

    • Poor Vehicle Maintenance

    • Equipment Failure

    • Improper Cargo Loading

    • Driving in No-Zones

    • Driving Between Semi-Trucks

    • Abrupt Lane Changing

    • Weather

    • Being Blown Out of Position by Air Turbulence

    • Inadequate Semi-Truck Training

    • Failure to Follow Federal Regulations (Rest, Drug Use, etc.)

Why Choose Chalat Law

Chalat Law is an intentionally small-sized firm. We believe in being able to dedicate time to our clients and devote the right level of attention to listen to their concerns and questions. As truck accident attorneys that have been serving the Denver community for 30 years, we are proud to help our fellow neighbors navigate the confusing nature of car accident law.

We will help ensure that you are taken care of, following your accident. Contact us today to discuss the prospects regarding your potential case.


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