35 Years of Ski Law

Our lawyers have represented more ski accident victims than any other plaintiffs’ personal injury firm in the nation. Our experience in ski litigation includes all types of ski accidents in resorts across the U.S.

Personalized Representation

Each ski accident is unique. To gain the best outcome for your ski case, our lawyers will work directly with you and your medical care providers. We know the medicine and science of ski accidents.

Prompt Action on Your Claim

Ski accidents often involve tourists & seasonal employees as witnesses, & terrain conditions vary over time. When hired to represent an injured skier, we know how to conduct a site inspection, subpoena the ski resort records & involve experts before critical evidence is lost.

Ski accidents occur even at the best of ski resorts, in Colorado and all over the country - wherever people enjoy the great sport of skiing. Ski accidents, snowboard accidents, ski collisions, avalanches and ski lift accident cases - all types of ski accidents can happen on ski slopes due to the negligent conduct of another. Most skiers and boarders have insurance that pays for injuries they cause in a collision. If you have been injured while enjoy skiing or snowboarding we can give you in depth information about your rights and options.

Our lawyers have extensive experience skier/skier collision cases, skiing/snowboarding accidents, ski area negligence claims and lift accident cases. Chalat Law has represented hundreds of injured skiers hurt in Colorado and across the nation, from Wintergreen Ski Area, Virginia to Sierra at Tahoe, California. We have represented a professional Broadway dancer, Olympic athletes and professional skiers. No other law firm has more experience in ski accident claims.




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