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Ski accidents often involve tourists & season employees as witnesses, and terrain conditions are ever changing.  We know how to conduct a site inspection, subpoena ski resort records & involve experts before critical evidence is lost. 

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Who Is Responsible For My Ski Accident?

When a skier or snowboarder is injured in a ski accident, a complicated system of rules, regulations and ski safety statutes will determine whether a claim can be brought against the responsible party . 

Insurance companies can be notoriously difficult to deal with. Your main focus should be healing while letting our legal team handle the fight.


Ski Accidents

Skiing and snowboarding accidents tend to be one of four types: collisions, lift accidents, ski area neglect or equipment malfunction. We provide an overview of the most common ski accidents and information explaining your legal rights.

State Ski Law

Ski law is state law, the state in which the ski accident occurs determines the applicable ski law. The statutes of the state and the case law decided by the state courts will determine the rights and responsibilities of the skier, snowboarder and ski area operator.  States which offer resort skiing are listed alphabetically.

Ski Law Trends

Ski law, just like the sport, is always evolving. Our ski lawyers present some of the most critical current  and developing trends in ski law and ski accident cases.

Ski Law Articles

With over 30 years of ski accident litigation, our lawyers have written extensively on ski law and ski safety.  Articles are provided for both the snow sport enthusiast and the legal practitioner.