If you have been injured by another skier or snowboarder, or by a ski area operator, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries.

¿Accidente de Esquí?

Ski and snowboard injuries are usually the result of collisions with other skiers or riders, chairlift accidents, or other ski area operator negligence – typically involving heavy machinery operation, in area avalanches, or improperly marked boundaries. Learn more here about the law that applies to your specific injury, then contact us to talk with one of our ski lawyers.

With offices in Colorado and Utah, Chalat Hatten & Banker is the nation’s premier ski and snowboard injury law firm. For over 30 years, we have been working for clients like you who have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries as a result of skier/skier collisions, chairlift accidents, improperly marked area boundaries, and collisions with snowmobiles and grooming machines.

Every state’s ski laws are different. Let’s get started by telling us where you were skiing or riding…

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Ski Accidents

Skiing and snowboarding accidents tend to be one of four types: collisions, lift accidents, ski area neglect or equipment malfunction. We provide an overview of the most common ski accidents and information explaining your legal rights.

State Ski Law

Ski law is state law, the state in which the ski accident occurs determines the applicable ski law. The statutes of the state and the case law decided by the state courts will determine the rights and responsibilities of the skier, snowboarder and ski area operator.  States which offer resort skiing are listed alphabetically.

Ski Law Trends

Ski law, just like the sport, is always evolving. Our ski lawyers present some of the most critical current  and developing trends in ski law and ski accident cases.

Ski Law Articles

With over 30 years of ski accident litigation, our lawyers have written extensively on ski law and ski safety.  Articles are provided for both the snow sport enthusiast and the legal practitioner.