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After being injured in an accident your next thought is more than likely, now what? Personal injury law can be very complex and having an experienced attorney is essential for catastrophic injury cases. An personal injury attorney with a strong reputation and proven results will gain the best outcome for your claim.

What is a personal injury?

When an accident or mistake hurts an innocent victim, a personal injury claim can offer some degree of compensation. Over 34,000 people are killed in car or truck accidents on America’s roadways in any year. Over 98,000 fatalities each year are due to medical mistakes. Personal injury lawsuits allow every-day Americans harmed through no fault of their own to hold the party that caused their injuries accountable for their actions.

Torts are civil wrongs recognized by law as grounds for a lawsuit. While some torts are also crimes, the primary aim of tort law is to provide compensation or relief for the damages incurred by the victim and to deter others from committing the same bad acts. Among the damages the injured party may recover are loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and reasonable medical expenses. They include past and future losses.

Specific torts include trespass, assault, battery, negligence, medical malpractice, products liability, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Tort law is state law created through judges (common law) and by legislatures (statutory law). Thus, the tort law applicable to any claim will depend upon the controlling state law, typically the state law where the tort occurred.





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Accident Cases We Handle

At Chalat Law, we handle all types of personal injury cases, recognizing that each is unique as to the facts and the injuries suffered. The common element in each case we handle is the severity of the injuries, our practice is devoted to matters requiring expertise in causation, liability and serious injuries.

Car Accidents

Though most people are familiar with the rules of the road and understand basic traffic safety, a new traffic accident occurs in the U.S. every minute. Preventable driver error, e.g., distracted or drunk driving, causes most motor vehicle accidents. Other factors include traffic violations, equipment or vehicle failure, and road conditions. Chalat Hatten & Banker have the insight, experience, and compassion to help with every type of car accident, and with every type of injury or circumstance of wrongful death.

Ski Accidents

When a skier or snowboarder is injured in a ski accident, a complicated system of rules, regulations and ski safety statutes will determine whether a claim can be brought against the responsible party – whether a ski area operator, a fellow participant or an equipment manufacturer/supplier. The forces involved in a skiing accident often result in serious orthopedic injuries and damage to internal organs. After years of handling ski accident cases, our ski lawyers have more experience handling ski accident claims than any other law firm.    

Truck Accidents

Large trucks/semi’s/tractor-trailers, are all considered “Commercial Motor Vehicles,” and their drivers, owners and operators are governed by state law and by extensive safety regulations which govern the standards of care, maintenance, inspection, operation and licensing of CMV drivers. Standards and duties of care can also vary with the applicable state law, and at times, federal precedent based upon a mix of federal regulations and state law. Often trucking accidents involve multiple parties from different states. Truck accident cases are more complex, complicated and expensive than car accidents. The Chalat Hatten & Banker firm has extensive experience with complicated truck accident cases, let us help you.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one in an accident or through negligent medical care, we can represent your interests against the parties at fault and their insurance companies. Our detailed understanding of Colorado's insurance and general liability laws means we understand the different sources of recovery available to accident victims and their families, as well as the various theories of liability that enable clients to recover from the parties who are responsible.

Bike Accidents

Successful claims for a bicycle accident usually involve serious damages.  Medical expenses for internal injuries and broken bones can easily run into six-figures.  The nature of the injuries suffered in many bicycle accidents often means expensive treatment and rehabilitation are needed over a long-term period. At Chalat Law we have working relationships with well-qualified engineers and traffic accident reconstruction experts to investigate and explain the accident. We also have extensive knowledge of insurance coverage which may be available from the at-fault motorist.

Pedestrian Accidents

Between increasing numbers of vehicles on the road and increasingly distracted drivers, walking or standing near moving vehicles has become a dangerous, but necessary, activity. Safety agencies call us “vulnerable road users” for good reason. People are simply no match for the mass of a car, truck, bus, or train – at any speed. If you’ve been affected by a pedestrian accident, you’re thinking about what happened and why, how you will pay for medical expenses and loss of income, and whether you may have a potentially successful case. With our experience at Chalat Hatten & Banker, we can help answer those questions.

Catastrophic Injuries

Many accidents result in such significant personal injuries that the physical injury to the victim is the defining factor, such as spinal cord injuries or brain injuries. Serious personal injuries may include traumatic amputation or partial-amputation of limbs, "degloving" accidents, severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, severe orthopedic injuries or internal organ injuries. We have experience with each of these types of injuries. Our knowledge of the medical issues involved in your injury-related claim, no matter how complex the injury, will help gain the best possible result for your case. We also have extensive experience with a dedicated team of experts who understand the long-term implications of such injuries for you and your family.

Premises Liability

Premises are the land and buildings belonging to a landowner, usually a business or organization, or private property owner. Premises liability is the legal responsibility of the landowner for injuries suffered by persons on the property. Premises liability cases include all types of accidents, from tripping in a neglected parking lot’s potholes to merchandise falling from high shelves in big-box stores. Establishing causation is key to a premises liability claim, and we have the knowledge and experience to establish where and how injuries were suffered. Call us at Chalat Law, we can help.

Dog Attacks

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the U.S. Approximately 900,000 dog bite victims seek emergency medical care at hospitals every year.

If you have been attacked, you may have a claim against the dog owner and others who contributed to the exposure. Dog attacks can be surprisingly complicated cases.  At Chalat Law, we understand the web of local and state laws that govern dogs and dog ownership in Colorado, making sure that your claim is treated seriously.     

Injuries That Can Result in Personal Injury Claims

Significant accidents often result in traumatic injuries that change a person’s life. To gain adequate compensation for the more severe injuries requires extensive knowledge of the medical facts and the rehabilitation needs resulting from the injury. We have represented many clients who have suffered severe injuries such as:

Do I have a case and what is it worth?

Determining the value of a case is based upon two considerations – the question of liability, or who is responsible for the injury, and the question of damages.

The facts will determine if another party is at fault, or liable, for your injury. Liability depends upon the specific facts of an accident or mistake. As a general rule the more clearly liability can be established, the stronger the claim. Liability of another party, the defendant, must be evident – the defendant must have acted in a way which was negligent and caused you harm. State statutes, regulatory rules and case law may all contribute to determining liability, so it is not always clear whether there is liability by another.

Where there is no dispute as to fault, liability is admitted by the defense and the only question is the damages to be paid. Very few cases involve admitted liability. The defense lawyer typically argues that the risk of injury was assumed by the victim or that the negligence of the victim contributed to the cause of the accident.

The most effective way to determine if you have a case is to contact the Personal Injury Lawyers at Chalat Law to discuss your options for your specific situation.

Compensation for Damages in A Personal Injury Case

Damages are the losses and harm you have suffered valued in a dollar amount. Compensation is appropriate for both economic damages, such as medical expenses and loss of wages, and non-economic losses such as permanent impairment or loss of quality of life. To obtain compensation for each of these losses requires curating evidence to support the claim and careful research into available insurance coverage. Read more about Damages.

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