Many accidents result in such significant personal injuries that the physical injury to the victim is the defining factor, such as spinal cord injuries or birth injuries. Serious personal injuries may include traumatic amputation or partial-amputation of limbs, "degloving" accidents, severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, severe orthopedic injuries or internal organ injuries. We have experience with each of these types of injuries.

Our knowledge of the medical issues involved in your injury-related claim, no matter how complex the injury, will help gain the best possible result for your case. We also have extensive experience with a dedicated team of experts who understand the long-term implications of such injuries for you and your family.

Together, we can help assess the appropriate value for such losses and future expenses, and seek compensation from the responsible parties. Catastrophic injuries impact your daily activities, your enjoyment of simple pleasures and your sense of self. We know how devastating it may be to be the victim of negligence, particularly when a serious injury threatens your quality of life. And though personal matters become public in any personal injury lawsuit, it is particularly true for catastrophic injury victims. You will be forced to share the most intimate details of your personal life with strangers, many of whom are openly hostile.