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Colorado state agencies reviewed the impact of bicycling on our state economy and determined that the sport contributed $1.6 billion in 2015. The Economic and Health Benefits of Bicycling and Walking study also concluded that almost half of the state's adults rode a bicycle in the past year, making Colorado one of the most active states in the nation.

The study is part of the Colorado Pedals Project, promoted by Governor's Hickenlooper in an effort to make Colorado the top cycling state in the U.S. The Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office be guided by the report in its work to attract and retain outdoor industry jobs for Colorado.

But to maintain a supportive cycling environment, both drivers and cyclists must be respectful and informed.

When cycling on a road, you are obligated to observe all traffic laws. You must stop for traffic control signals and yield to all vehicles that have the right of way. Wear high-visibility gear, but still do not assume drivers see you so always ride defensively.

For drivers, remember cyclists should be allowed a three-foot space between your vehicle and the bike. If there is not sufficient space to pass, wait until the road accommodates the required three feet. And keep in mind that with the nice weather comes greater numbers of people enjoying the outdoors, so alert and respectful.  Learn more about bicycling safety and accidents.