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Negligence at Whole Foods Results in Horrible Slip & Fall Accident

At 2:30 on Monday July 6, 2014, M.R. and her husband went to a Whole Foods in Denver. While in the vegetable section, M.R. slipped on a puddle of liquid–about 3 feet wide–and fell. There were no signs or cones in the area to warn her of potential danger. M.R.’s right hip and shoulder made direct contact with concrete floor causing her to sustain a severe rotator cuff tear in addition to immediate, hip, back, and shoulder pain. Only after she’d fallen did Whole Foods put out “Wet Floor” sign. With the assistance of her husband she was able to get up...

Severe Accident at X-Treme Fun Athletics

On March 12, 2011, Mr. Shram accompanied a friend to the Englewood, CO X-Treme Challenge Arena in order to pick up the friend’s teenage daughter from a birthday party.  The “X-Treme Challenge Arena” was a sports facility used for “American Gladiator” style competitions, birthday parties and teambuilding exercises.  As Mr. Shram was leaving the building via the common-area exit, he was struck suddenly in the face with a large weighted medicine ball. The ball had been thrown or otherwise was launched into the air in connection with an athletic...

Jury Awards $240,000 in Slip and Fall

A Denver jury awarded $240,418.23 to Ms. Carol Wilson, who slipped and fell in her hotel bathtub at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver, formerly the Adams Mark, resulting in a thoracic vertebrae fracture. Ms. Wilson’s bathroom shower was not equipped with a slip-resistant bathmat, a slip-resistant surface or a safety bar.