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Lack of Skier Control Deadly

February continues the deadly trend in skier fatalities. A 25-yr-old Washington man died when he struck a tree on a ski run at Mission Ridge Ski Resort in Wenatchee, WA a week ago. Today at Castle Mountain Resort south of Calgary, a ten-year-old lost control and fatally collided with a pole.

Snowboarders Behaving Badly

Collisions on ski slopes are not uncommon and, though most ski safety laws require exchange of information between the involved parties, occasionally a hit-and-run will result. But in this story from Aspen, a hit-and-run was complicated by a case of mistaken identity.

Dogs Are Welcome Just About Everywhere

Do you feel that people now bring their dogs everywhere? According to the American Kennel Club, the Denver International Airport is rated the top dog-friendly national airport, offering private pet restrooms in each concourse and an airport pet resort, “Paradise 4 Paws.” Huffington Post recently wrote an article about 19 major retailers which allow dogs, including Pottery Barn, Nordstrom and Saks.

Fatalities Demonstrate Need for Ski Safety

Last week, a California skier lost control and crashed into a tree. He suffered a severe head injury and died at Heavenly Mountain Resort. The Santa Rosa man was on a beginner trail, and was not wearing a helmet. The rescue crew were forced to use a rope to pull the victim from under the tree which he had struck.

Lift Issues Create Holiday Havoc

An unusual spat of lift mishaps has struck ski resorts large and small. On Christmas Eve, approximately 150 skiers were stranded on a gondola at Chamrousse ski resort in the French Alps. It took about three hours for all guests to be evacuated from the lift which runs about 80 ft above the ground. Many were rescued by helicopter.

Less Snow, More Risk

Dr. Dan Gregorie, head of the California-based SnowSport Safety Foundation, has spent the past decade working for greater safety in the sport, and greater transparency by the ski industry in reporting casualties.

Ski Lift Malfunction Injures Five

On its opening day of the season, Tussey Mountain, a Pennsylvania resort about 80 miles northwest of Harrisburg, a ski lift malfunctioned and several chairs slid off track and collided. Officials said that a chair carrying skiers and snowboarders slid back along the haul rope, starting a chain reaction that involved a total of four chairs.

Third Snowboarder Death of Season

A third young male snowboarder has died after losing control. This accident occurred at a Lake Tahoe-area resort around 1:15pm on December 7th.

Second Skier Death in December

A second skier has died after hitting a tee while skiing at a Colorado ski resort. This accident occurred on the same day as the fatal Monarch accident. The victim was a young man from Illinois who had recently moved to Larimer County for school.

First Colorado Ski Fatality of 2017-18

The ski season has just begun, yet a death has already occurred at Monarch Ski Resort. The victim was a twenty-three year old member of the U.S. Army from Ohio. Chaffee County deputies reported that he was snowboarding on Dec. 2nd at Monarch when we lost control and crashed into a tree.