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New Year’s Day Collision

New Year’s Day 2017 at Park City, Utah V.T. was descending the upper section of Another World, a blue, or intermediate run, when Mr. Filbrun entered Another World from an unmarked, gladed section of the mountain at a high rate of speed and collided into V.T.

Skier Collision Results in Severe Fracture

On January 10, 2016, the Plaintiff, P.T. and the Defendant, Sonia Ceranek, were skiing at Keystone Ski Resort. They were both descending the Flying Dutchman trail at Keystone Ski Resort. P.T. was skiing downhill of Ms. Ceranek, in control of his speed and course and plainly visible to uphill skiers. Ms. Ceranek was descending Flying Dutchman from uphill of him.

Skiing on a Familiar Trail Ended Unexpectedly with a Collision & 8 Broken Ribs

P.T. has skied the Flying Dutchman at Keystone many times. During her run on February 10, 2016, P.T. was making short, controlled turns and was clearly visible to uphill skiers also skiing this more difficult “blue square” run. P.T.was struck from behind and on the right by the Defendant, John Joseph. As a direct result of the collision, she sustained a fractured clavicle, eight broken ribs and 10 fractures, a collapsed right lung, blood and fluids in the chest cavity, pneumothorax, and blunt chest trauma.

Rosie’s Run Proves Dangerous for Skiers & Snowboarders of All Ages

Rosie Run is a black diamond run at Copper Mountain. Both in control of their speed and clearly visible to uphill skiers, the Plaintiffs (R.W. and a minor) were skiing and snowboarding down the mountain at the time of the accident. An eyewitness recalls the Defendant, Peter Thiele, as being “out of control” and skiing “way too fast.”

Telluride Skier Crashes into Snowboarder

D.M., a commercial airline captain, was snowboarding on a green run at Telluride when B.G, a Telluride resident, crashed into him from behind. B.G. denied he was at fault for the crash, arguing that a phantom beginner on the slope below him forced him to change his course into D.M. Evan Banker took B.G.’s deposition, and compelled an admission that B.G. saw both D.M. and the beginner skier downhill of him, and that he could have stopped without causing a collision, but decided to attempt a passing maneuver instead. Allstate, B.G.’s insurer, later...

Loveland Skier Collision Results in Broken Ankle

Chalat Hatten Koupal & Banker represented B.N., a professional ski instructor. On a day off, B.N. was skiing at Loveland when a researcher visiting from Mexico collided with him, breaking his ankle through the fibula. The defendant, his wife, and a third eyewitness each claimed the collision was B.N.’s fault. B.N. maintained throughout he was skiing carefully and in control and was hit from behind. Chalat Hatten Koupal & Banker ultimately proved B.N. was right, that the collision was the fault of the defendant, and obtained a settlement in the...

Vail Skier Crashes Into 9-year-old

On Sunday, March 11, 2012 (Spring Break), B.P. (then 9 years of age) was skiing at Vail Ski Resort in Eagle County, Colorado. Lee Skavanger skied into B.P. from uphill, behind, and at high speed, causing B.P. to sustain a right, mid-shaft femur fracture. Vail Ski Patrol attended B.P. at the scene and evacuated him off of the mountain to Vail Valley Medical Center where Drs. Randall Viola and Normal Waldrop III performed intramedullary nailing that same day. B.P. was discharged on March 13, 2012, and then returned to his home in San Antonio, Texas,...

Collision from Behind Causes Major Leg Fracture

On February 13, 2013, Plaintiff Barbara Findlay and the defendant Shaw Hughes, a student at Aspen High School, were skiing on the Exhibition Ski Trail at Aspen Highlands Ski Resort in Colorado. Shaw was high-speed skiing with a group of other young, high school students when he collided at high speed from behind into Mrs. Findlay. The force of the impact knocked Mrs. Findlay to the ground, causing her to sustain serious injuries, including a right tibial plateau fracture, a fracture to the fibular head and neck with a longitudinal split, right...

Skier Skates Over Skis, Causes Fall

On February 27, 2013, Robert Brown, age 76, was stopped on the side of the Spruce run at Breckenridge Ski Area when another skier came from uphill and ran over the back of Mr. Brown’s ski equipment, causing him to fall over on his right side. Mr. Brown sustained multiple right-sided pelvic fractures with internal bleeding. Due to the presence of internal bleeding, Mr. Brown had to be evacuated from Summit County to a Denver-area hospital where he was hospitalized for 10 days. Mr. Brown’s total medical expenses were $75,000.00. The case settled for...

Fellow Ski Student Collision Causes Pelvic Fracture

On February 8, 2012, B.P. was enrolled in a ski class at Taos Ski Valley in Taos, New Mexico. The class was navigating a series of small rollers in a terrain park when another member of the class lost control and collided into B.P. from behind, fracturing her pelvis in multiple places. Because the pelvic fractures were located in the lower pelvis near the nerve systems for the bladder, B.P. also suffered from nerve damage resulting in urinary dysfunction. Despite several months of rehabilitation, B.P. still had complaints of residual pain and her...