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U.S. Pedestrian Deaths on the Rise

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 2018 is projected to have been the deadliest in 3 decades for pedestrians in the U.S.  In the first 6 months of 2018, state highway safety offices in all 50 states and D.C. reported pedestrian fatalities. The association estimates that 6,227 pedestrians were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2018, which is the highest number since 1990. The rise in auto pedestrian deaths comes at a time when all other traffic deaths are on the decline.

School Is in Session

School is back in session for most Colorado students, and many are travelling to class when commuters are also heading to work.  Be extra cautious while youngsters become accustomed to routes and you learn their routine.

Fatal RTD Lightrail Accident

On the morning of October 10, 2015 E.N. was involved in a light rail/ pedestrian accident at the Lincoln RTD Station. E.N. was using the designated pedestrian crossing to get to the northbound track when she was hit by a light rail train traveling at 34.9 mph. Although she had checked for oncoming traffic before crossing, the train entered the station traveling at a speed well over the posted station speed limit of 10 mph. As a result, the train was unable to stop in time. E.N. was critically injured in the accident and passed away five days later...

Car vs. Pedestrian: A Case of Careless Driving

It was just supposed to be a quick Starbucks run. Our client, L.B. (67), parked his car in a Starbucks parking lot off of Wildcat Reserve Parkway in Highlands Ranch on April 26, 2015. He was walking towards the door when he was struck on the right side by a 2010 Jeep Cherokee. L.B. suffered from multiple bruises, a fractured humerous (in two places) and a damaged shoulder socket.

Pedestrian/Bike Collision Results in Traumatic Brain Injury

At around 6:00 AM on January 27, 2015, E.S. (65) was walking with his girlfriend on a multi-use trail in Green Valley Ranch. The path has a posted speed limit of 15mph and is used by pedestrians and bikers alike. That morning E.S. was hit from behind by a bike traveling more than 15 mph and was unable to stop in time. The force of impact caused E.S. to fall on his face and was hit again when the bike fell on top of him post-collision.

Pedestrian Struck Crossing Major Thoroughfare

Catherine Notyce worked as a child support enforcement technician for the City of Denver Human Services Department since 1992.  On an October afternoon, she and a co-worker went walking for lunch, and attempted to cross Federal Blvd. at W. 12th Ave.  There is no crosswalk at the intersection.  Ms. Notyce and her companion crossed the northbound side of Federal safely into the center two-way turn lane and waited there for southbound traffic to clear.  While they were waiting, Mr. Villarreal, an elderly gentleman driving with vision restrictions...

Judge Awards $18.5 Million to Victim

An Idaho Springs man was awarded $18.5 million for catastrophic injuries he suffered when a driver drunk left a mountain road and slammed into him as he was laying in his driveway, changing the oil in wife's car.