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School Is in Session

School is back in session for most Colorado students, and many are travelling to class when commuters are also heading to work.  Be extra cautious while youngsters become accustomed to routes and you learn their routine.

Car Accident Results in UM Claim Dispute

Our client N.C. was visiting Denver during the National Western Stock Show in January, 2014. She was a passenger in a car driven by her husband when their vehicle was rear ended by a texting teen. They were at a stop and were hit from behind at a high-rate of speed.

Family and Friend Rammed by Negligent Driver

The accident occurred around 6:30 pm on a clear evening in April, 2016. Our client, R.J., was a passenger in a car headed to dinner on Plum Creek Drive. The Defendant turned onto Plum Creek without checking for oncoming traffic and, pulled out in front of the plaintiffs. Although our client was traveling at a slow speed (30 mph; posted speed limit it 35 mph), she was unable to avoid a collision with the negligent driver.

Negligent Driver Cuts Off Motorcyclist, Case Settles for $375,000

K.T. (52) was riding his Harley-Davidson northbound on Canterberry Parkway, in Parker, on May 14, 2016 around 12:15 pm. The accident occurred when the Defendant (Robert Smith) took a left heading towards the Black Bear Golf Course, directly cutting in front of K.T. Skid marks indicate that K.T. tried to slow down to avoid impact, but was unsuccessful. The force of the collision threw K.T. and his motorcycle into the air and over Mr. Smith’s car.

Car Accident Leaves Plaintiff with Permanent Impairment

In January 2016, E.C. (55) and her husband were involved in a motor-vehicle accident at the intersection of Broncos Parkway and South Potomac Street. The plaintiffs were rear-ended by a car traveling 40 miles per hour. The Defendant had bent down to put something away while approaching the light. E.C. immediately felt pain in her neck and back but the initial x-rays did not reveal anything conclusive. Days later, she mentioned having great difficulty with her short-term memory, on-going headaches, and her neck pain was now causing numbness in both...

Rear End Collision Results in Severe Physical and Economic Damages

The collision that occurred on June 11, 2014 was the result of negligent driving on the part of the Defendant. Our client T.V.(45) was a stopped behind another vehicle waiting at the railroad crossing on 104th Avenue and Highway 85. The Defendant, Kenneth Martinez, failed to slow for traffic and collided with the rear of T.V.’s Jeep, pushing it forward into the car in front of him.

Fatal Head-On Car Crash: Family Grieves the Loss of a Grandfather

On September 6, 2015, Benjamin Andrade lost his life in a head-on motor vehicle accident. Mr. Andrade was traveling north on Wadsworth Boulevard in the front passenger seat of a Tahoe at the time of the accident. The car was fully occupied: his daughter Valerie was driving and his wife and three grandchildren were in the back seat. Their Tahoe was struck by the Defendant, Amy Classen, who was traveling south on Wadsworth Boulevard near 6th Avenue. She was driving at a high speed crossing into northbound lanes until the collision. In the accident...

Illegal Left Turn into Cyclist

Our client, RG, a dentist with a three-year old solo practice, was riding his bicycle in Fort Collins. While riding through an intersection, a driver coming the opposite direction made a sudden left in front of him, and hit RG. The impact bent RG’s road bike in half, and broke RG’s ankle and thumb. The thumb fracture rendered RG unable to see patients in his growing practice, which was becoming increasingly profitable every year. Chalat Hatten Koupal & Banker PC was able to overcome the popular presumption that bicyclists are usually at fault for...

Illegal Turn Causes Car Collision

On June 4, 2013, John Lewis was driving his 2005 Buick Le Sabre and his wife, Winona, was riding in the front passenger seat. A 2003 Subaru Legacy being driven by Roger Knight attempted to turn in front of Mr. Lewis, but collided into the front right side of Mr. Lewis’ vehicle. The impact rotated Mr. Knight’s vehicle approximately 200 degrees and rolled the vehicle over on its top, where it came to rest. An eye witness behind Mr. Knight reported that she saw Mr. Knight run the red light. Mr. Knight, however, made a written report to the police...

Pedestrian Struck Crossing Major Thoroughfare

Catherine Notyce worked as a child support enforcement technician for the City of Denver Human Services Department since 1992.  On an October afternoon, she and a co-worker went walking for lunch, and attempted to cross Federal Blvd. at W. 12th Ave.  There is no crosswalk at the intersection.  Ms. Notyce and her companion crossed the northbound side of Federal safely into the center two-way turn lane and waited there for southbound traffic to clear.  While they were waiting, Mr. Villarreal, an elderly gentleman driving with vision restrictions...