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Botched Gallbladder Surgery Jury Verdict

Theresa Seto, a 47 year old mother of five, underwent gallbladder removal surgery by Dr. Michael Fraterelli, M.D. at the Medical Center of Aurora.

Medical Malpractice Leads to 20+ Additional Procedures to Correct the Mistake

When K.W. stepped into North Suburban Medical Center on November 21, 2013, she presented with long lasting upper abdominal pain. Her ultrasound revealed gallstones and a right inguinal (groin area) hernia. K.W. immediately underwent laparoscopic surgery to remove her gallbladder (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) and repair the hernia. K.W. was discharged on November 22 but returned two days later presenting with post-op upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and yellow fluid drainage at her port site. She was discharged just 24 hours later.

Negligent Nursing at Vibra Hospital

This was a wrongful death case arising from medical / nursing malpractice.  Barbara Griffin died in the early morning hours of September 25, 2010, only 12 hours after being admitted to Vibra Hospital for long-term acute management, tracheostomy weaning, and rehabilitation.  The admission records indicated that the staff was well aware that Ms. Griffin required restraints and high levels of medication in order to maintain her anxiety and agitation, and to keep her from pulling on her tracheostomy tubes.  Despite the staff’s knowledge of Ms....

Denver Post: $10M Verdict for Medical Malpractice Victim


$10.1 Million Med Mal Verdict for Failure to Treat Claim

A nine-year-old boy presented to his primary care pediatrician in October, 2004 with symptoms of frequent urination and neck "stretching." The doctor attributed the symptoms to anxiety and/or stress, brought about by the family's recent move from Israel to the United States. The child's mother consulted with the pediatrician by phone on at least two occasions following the October, 2004 office exam. It was undisputed that the mother reported occasional headaches and fatigue in one of these calls. The patient was next seen for an office exam on...

Failure to Monitor Results in Severe Oxygen Deprivation

Client was under the care of her OB/GYN, for client’s pregnancy and delivery of Baby A. At birth, Baby A had a slow heartbeat, was cyanotic and flaccid. OB/GYN failed to recognize the signs and symptoms of Baby A’s fetal distress during Client’s labor, and did not expedite delivery (perform a C-section). Instead, the doctor attempted to use forceps to deliver Baby A. The delays in delivery resulted in Baby A suffering multi-organ system and brain damage. After fewer than three months, Baby A died in her parents’ home. The OB/GYN agreed to a...

$1.3 Million Verdict for Family in Wrongful Death Med Mal Case

A surgeon performed a routine, anterior cervical discectomy on a 54-year-old mother. During the operation, the surgeon injured the patient’s left common carotid artery. Although the doctor attempted to repair the damaged artery, after the surgery imaging studies revealed a large cerebral cortical infarct. The patient died two days later as a result of the injury to the carotid artery and cerebral cortical infarct.