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Skier Collision Results in Severe Fracture

On January 10, 2016, the Plaintiff, P.T. and the Defendant, Sonia Ceranek, were skiing at Keystone Ski Resort. They were both descending the Flying Dutchman trail at Keystone Ski Resort. P.T. was skiing downhill of Ms. Ceranek, in control of his speed and course and plainly visible to uphill skiers. Ms. Ceranek was descending Flying Dutchman from uphill of him.

$325,000 Settlement for Near-Amputation of Hand by Faulty Lab Equipment

This case involved a settlement for a 32-year-old lab technician who suffered a fractured wrist and severed tendon when an animal cage cleaner lift fell on her dominant hand, requiring surgery and resulting in a 9% whole body impairment rating.

$778,200 Damages When Defective Design Results in Traumatic Amputation of Arm

J.R., a 27-year-old lift mechanic at a Colorado ski resort, suffered the traumatic amputation of his right arm while working. The basis of the claim was strict liability for manufacturing defect and design defects in the conveyor-type ski lift manufactured by the defendant Magic Carpet Ski Lifts, Inc. The precise nature of the manufacturing defect was an in-running nip point created by the improper rotation of a brush under the conveyor, into which J.R.'s right arm was drawn while working on the lift.