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Evan Banker - Top Lawyer 2020

Evan Banker is passionate about the practice of law. “We believe that the law is the great equalizer. In a courtroom, it is not a miracle for David to defeat Goliath, or for an individual to hold a big corporation or insurance company accountable. That is justice, nothing more, nothing less. That is what our clients deserve.” Whether he is representing someone who has suffered life changing permanent injuries and has lost a career, or someone who is struggling with medical bills, Evan is always focused on why clients come to him for help. “It is...

Snowmass High-Speed Collision

On March 8, 2017, two brothers and a friend were on their way back to the Elk Camp area near the end of the day. They had skied The Burn, taken Trestle down and around and rode the Alpine Springs Chair up. They unloaded from the chair proceeded down Turkey Trot.

Collision Ski Accident Injures Vail Ski Instructor

On January 26, 2017, R.F. was skiing with Beaver Creek/Vail Resort ski instructor Jennifer Ellis. Ms. Ellis and R.F. were following two of her grandchildren and another hired instructor down Latigo. This is a groomed blue run, or more difficult run. Latigo turns into Dally, a green or easiest run, which the group descended on. While on Dally, R.F. was blindsided and hit by Mr. Buckley, who was merging onto Dally from a glade on Addy’s, a black diamond or most difficult run.

Failure to Yield to Cyclist

R.G. was biking in Fort Collins when he was injured in an auto accident. He was riding eastbound on Mulberry Street at the intersection of College Street, when the collision occurred. He was about half way through the intersection, when a car turning left (onto southbound College) collided with R.G.. He recalls seeing the bumper of the Defendant’s car, but was unable to avoid it due to a barrier in the middle of the road. The last thing he remembers is the car hitting his left side. When he came to, he was on the ground separated from his bike.

Rosie’s Run Proves Dangerous for Skiers & Snowboarders of All Ages

Rosie Run is a black diamond run at Copper Mountain. Both in control of their speed and clearly visible to uphill skiers, the Plaintiffs (R.W. and a minor) were skiing and snowboarding down the mountain at the time of the accident. An eyewitness recalls the Defendant, Peter Thiele, as being “out of control” and skiing “way too fast.”

Rear End Collision Results in Severe Physical and Economic Damages

The collision that occurred on June 11, 2014 was the result of negligent driving on the part of the Defendant. Our client T.V.(45) was a stopped behind another vehicle waiting at the railroad crossing on 104th Avenue and Highway 85. The Defendant, Kenneth Martinez, failed to slow for traffic and collided with the rear of T.V.’s Jeep, pushing it forward into the car in front of him.

Illegal Left Turn into Cyclist

Our client, RG, a dentist with a three-year old solo practice, was riding his bicycle in Fort Collins. While riding through an intersection, a driver coming the opposite direction made a sudden left in front of him, and hit RG. The impact bent RG’s road bike in half, and broke RG’s ankle and thumb. The thumb fracture rendered RG unable to see patients in his growing practice, which was becoming increasingly profitable every year. Chalat Hatten Koupal & Banker PC was able to overcome the popular presumption that bicyclists are usually at fault for...

Medical Malpractice Leads to 20+ Additional Procedures to Correct the Mistake

When K.W. stepped into North Suburban Medical Center on November 21, 2013, she presented with long lasting upper abdominal pain. Her ultrasound revealed gallstones and a right inguinal (groin area) hernia. K.W. immediately underwent laparoscopic surgery to remove her gallbladder (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) and repair the hernia. K.W. was discharged on November 22 but returned two days later presenting with post-op upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and yellow fluid drainage at her port site. She was discharged just 24 hours later.

Pedestrian/Bike Collision Results in Traumatic Brain Injury

At around 6:00 AM on January 27, 2015, E.S. (65) was walking with his girlfriend on a multi-use trail in Green Valley Ranch. The path has a posted speed limit of 15mph and is used by pedestrians and bikers alike. That morning E.S. was hit from behind by a bike traveling more than 15 mph and was unable to stop in time. The force of impact caused E.S. to fall on his face and was hit again when the bike fell on top of him post-collision.

Telluride Skier Crashes into Snowboarder

D.M., a commercial airline captain, was snowboarding on a green run at Telluride when B.G, a Telluride resident, crashed into him from behind. B.G. denied he was at fault for the crash, arguing that a phantom beginner on the slope below him forced him to change his course into D.M. Evan Banker took B.G.’s deposition, and compelled an admission that B.G. saw both D.M. and the beginner skier downhill of him, and that he could have stopped without causing a collision, but decided to attempt a passing maneuver instead. Allstate, B.G.’s insurer, later...