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On March 8, 2017, two brothers and a friend were on their way back to the Elk Camp area near the end of the day. They had skied The Burn, taken Trestle down and around and rode the Alpine Springs Chair up. They unloaded from the chair proceeded down Turkey Trot.

T.F. was skiing in the center of Turkey Trot when Cynthia Amato came off the Edge run, in a tuck position. She collided with T.F. on his right side. The impact knocked his skis off and threw him 10 to 15 feet off the trail.

Amato was going very fast cutting the left corner at the bottom of the Edge where it ended and entered onto Turkey Trot at the most dangerous and blind point. There was a “Cross Traffic” overhead banner/sign just above on The Edge warning skiers of the crossing skiers.

T.F. suffered a severed ACL and the outside LCL ligaments in his left knee as well as tearing the of the MCL and damaging the meniscus. MRI indicated a nondisplaced fracture of the fibular neck and multiple sprain and bruising injuries to muscles and bones. His right knee suffered injury to the ACL and posterior cruciate ligament, tearing of the MCL and meniscus. The MRI also indicated a fracture of the right femur.

T.F. also sustained torn muscles in his left thigh and a distal radial fracture of his left wrist. He also tore his UCL supporting his right thumb.

On March 16th T.F. underwent simultaneous surgery on left wrist, right thumb and left knee. For the broken left wrist a steel plate was installed to secure the tip of the radial bone to the stem, the right thumb UCL was repaired through implantation of steel anchors into the hand/thumb and use of synthetic reinforcing thread. Surgical repair of the left knee LCL was performed and total ACL replacement. Medical expenses totaled over $100,000.

Following a mediation conference in February 2018, the case settled for a confidential amount.