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On its opening day of the season, Tussey Mountain, a Pennsylvania resort about 80 miles northwest of Harrisburg, a ski lift malfunctioned and several chairs slid off track and collided. Officials said that a chair carrying skiers and snowboarders slid back along the haul rope, starting a chain reaction that involved a total of four chairs.

Local police reported that five people suffered minor injuries, including a ski instructor who suffered a broken jaw. Fortunately, no one fell during the accident.

More than 50 skiers were stranded on the lift for as long as two hours as rescue crews lowered them with ropes and ladders.

Tussey Mountain opened for the ski season last Saturday. The resort has ski trails on 50 acres with 3 ski lifts and one snowtube lift, according to its website.

Tussey Mountain it hopes to reopen this weekend following upgrades to its chair lift system. The resort reported on Tuesday that weakened spring packs inside the chairlift grips apparently caused Saturday's accident, so the entire system is being replaced. State investigators will then inspect the equipment and officials hope to resume operations tomorrow.