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School is back in session for most Colorado students, and many are travelling to class when commuters are also heading to work.  Be extra cautious while youngsters become accustomed to routes and you learn their routine.

Be respectful of school buses. The National Safety Council reports that most students who are killed in bus-related accidents are 4 to 7 years old, often hit by a motorist illegally passing a school bus. If you are driving behind a school bus, do not follow as closely as you would a passenger car so that you have ample time to stop. All fifty states require motorists stop for loading or unloading students.  If the yellow or red lights are flashing and the stop arm extended traffic must stop.

Look for pedestrian cross-walks, particularly near schools. Do not stop in a cross-walk at an intersection, this forces pedestrians to leave the safety zone and places them in the path of oncoming traffic.

Expect to yield to pedestrians using a crosswalk or crossing at an intersection, but also beware of the jay-walkers. Children will ignore rules and take chances, so watch for darting out from between parked vehicles if you are approaching a school.