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Catherine Notyce worked as a child support enforcement technician for the City of Denver Human Services Department since 1992.  On an October afternoon, she and a co-worker went walking for lunch, and attempted to cross Federal Blvd. at W. 12th Ave.  There is no crosswalk at the intersection.  Ms. Notyce and her companion crossed the northbound side of Federal safely into the center two-way turn lane and waited there for southbound traffic to clear.  While they were waiting, Mr. Villarreal, an elderly gentleman driving with vision restrictions turned northbound from W. 12th Ave into the center two-way turn lane on Federal, and into Ms. Notyce, fracturing her pelvis.

Mr. Villarreal’s insurance company denied liability, and argued that Ms. Notyce was at fault for the collision because she had crossed a major thoroughfare without using the crosswalk available at the next major intersection, 50-100 yards to the north.  Chalat Hatten Koupal & Banker was able to secure payment of all available insurance for Ms. Notyce.