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At around 6:00 AM on January 27, 2015, E.S. (65) was walking with his girlfriend on a multi-use trail in Green Valley Ranch. The path has a posted speed limit of 15mph and is used by pedestrians and bikers alike. That morning E.S. was hit from behind by a bike traveling more than 15 mph and was unable to stop in time. The force of impact caused E.S. to fall on his face and was hit again when the bike fell on top of him post-collision.

From the collision E.S. sustained a traumatic brain injury, specifically: intracerebral bleeding, a left temporal lobe contusion, and bilateral subarachnoid hemorrhages. Additionally, he suffered from a right zygomatic (facial) fracture, scalp, and elbow laceration.

His injuries rendered him comatose for 19 days. After being hospitalized at Denver Health, he was admitted to Spalding Rehab Hospital for cognitive rehabilitation for 100 days. E.S. is no long able to live independently and suffers from impaired cognitive function.

Just five months after the collision, the Defendant and his insurance company agreed to pay E.S. $302,000.00 to compensate him for economic damages resulting from the collision.