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On February 5th, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a back country skier around 7pm Monday, Feb. 5th. The skier reported that he had become lost after falling off a trail and had wandered several hours attempting to find his way out. He finally called 911 to be rescued. The Vail Mountain Rescue Group did find the skier and returned him to safety.

The next morning around 9am, the rescued skier called to report that he had been skiing with a friend, who he assumed had found his way home safely the night before. Sadly, the fellow skier’s body was found after perishing on the mountain. He has been identified as a fellow Vail ski instructor originally from New Jersey.

The obvious question is why did the rescued skier wait so long to report his companion? Law enforcement have not released the name of the rescued skier.

In another bizarre story, on February 8th a skier from Toronto was reported missing at Whiteface Mountain in New York. Rescue crews battled storms on Thursday and Friday but were unsuccessful in finding the skier.

Then yesterday, seven days after he was reported missing the skier called his wife from Sacramento, California. He seemed confused to his wife, who urged him to call 911 which he did. Police found him alone, still in his ski gear. He reportedly made the 2,900 mile journey in a big-rig truck and stopped for a haircut before calling his wife.

Strange days on slopes.