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On the morning of October 10, 2015 E.N. was involved in a light rail/ pedestrian accident at the Lincoln RTD Station. E.N. was using the designated pedestrian crossing to get to the northbound track when she was hit by a light rail train traveling at 34.9 mph. Although she had checked for oncoming traffic before crossing, the train entered the station traveling at a speed well over the posted station speed limit of 10 mph. As a result, the train was unable to stop in time. E.N. was critically injured in the accident and passed away five days later after succumbing to her injuries which included a traumatic brain injury. A wrongful death claim was filed against RTD and the light rail train operator.

E.N. was a mother of four and a grandmother to10. Chalat Hatten & Banker, represented the remaining family in the wrongful death suit to recover economic damages and non-economic damages resulting from the loss of a mother and grandmother.

Upon her death, E.N.’s medical expenses totaled $207, 361.48.

On behalf of the family, the firm demanded the max monetary amount for damages f rom RTD and the train operator. Almost a year after E.N.’s untimely passing, the case settled for $350,000.00, the exact amount demanded by the family.