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On September 6, 2015, Benjamin Andrade lost his life in a head-on motor vehicle accident. Mr. Andrade was traveling north on Wadsworth Boulevard in the front passenger seat of a Tahoe at the time of the accident. The car was fully occupied: his daughter Valerie was driving and his wife and three grandchildren were in the back seat. Their Tahoe was struck by the Defendant, Amy Classen, who was traveling south on Wadsworth Boulevard near 6th Avenue. She was driving at a high speed crossing into northbound lanes until the collision. In the accident report, Ms. Classen self-reported blacking out and coming to after the collision. Both cars were totaled and passengers were taken to Saint Anthony’s hospital.

All members of the Andrade family were seriously injured in the collision:
• Benjamin Andrade suffered fatal injuries and passed away about an hour after the collision.
• Valerie Andrade sustained a fracture to her radius/ulna requiring surgical correction, fractured ribs/chest wall, a non-displaced fracture to the pelvis, and a right knee injury.
• Silvia Andrade (seated in the back) sustained neck, chest and abdominal pain, plus bruising from her seatbelt.
• The children (minors) presented with numerous injuries including: a lower arm fracture requiring surgery, a fractured right collar bone, facial lacerations and head/neck pain.

Russell Hatten and Jim Chalat represented the surviving family members in this wrongful death case with an at-fault driver. In April of 2016, the case was settled for $550,000.00. This figure represents the max amount of liability and underinsured motorist coverage available in the case.

Mr. Andrade is survived by his wife, daughter, and three grandchildren.