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The accident occurred around 6:30 pm on a clear evening in April, 2016. Our client, R.J., was a passenger in a car headed to dinner on Plum Creek Drive. The Defendant turned onto Plum Creek without checking for oncoming traffic and, pulled out in front of the plaintiffs. Although our client was traveling at a slow speed (30 mph; posted speed limit it 35 mph), she was unable to avoid a collision with the negligent driver.

The impact and damage was the worst on the front left side where R.J. was seated. All three passengers in the vehicle were injured, but R.J.’s injuries required surgery. He was transferred to Sky Ridge Hospital where he was treated for a bruised eye (impact from airbag) and a broken femur (from the knee up). Due to his injuries he was unable to return to work as an independent contractor for a period of time. He was non-weight bearing for 8 to 10 weeks.
Post-surgery, he moved to Brookside Inn (a rehab facility) for further treatment.
Two months and two surgeries later, R.J.’s medical bills totaled: $201,648.69.

R.J. filed property damage, liability, uninsured motorist and medical pay claims. Mr. Hatten and Mr. Chalat were able to secure a settlement of $450,000.00 for R.J. The settlement included the policy limits for a few of the claims.

The back-seat passenger, M.F. (65) was also a victim of the collision. As a result, she hit her head and briefly lost consciousness during the accident.

Paramedics immediately transported her to Sky Ridge Medical Center where she was treated for a head injury (brain bleed), elbow pain, and a three inch laceration running from the top of her nose into her scalp. After 20 stiches and a stay in the ICU, she was released.

M.F.’s medical expenses during her six day stay at the hospital added up to: $117,588.04.

Jim Chalat and Russell Hatten went to work securing a settlement that would properly address the liability, uninsured motorist and medical pay claims brought by M.F. Chalat Law secured a settlement of $250,000.00 which included the policy limit for the medpay claim.