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Red lights are designed to properly manage traffic and keep drivers and pedestrians safe. Most drivers learn about red lights and stop signs before they ever step behind the wheel and typically adhere to the rules of red lights while driving. Those who don’t follow the rules, typically cause serious accidents with severe injuries. By disregarding red traffic lights while driving, the driver is putting their life and the lives of others at risk.

The Federal Highway Administration claims that nearly 45% of car collisions occur at a road intersection and the cause is usually related to running a stop sign or a red light. This equals tens of thousands of car accidents per year, where the driver failed to stop at a red light and collides with another motor vehicle in the United States. In 2017, Colorado was ranked the 7th most dangerous state in the country for red-light running fatalities according to the National Coalition for Safer Roads.

Common injuries due to accidents caused by running red lights include spinal cord injuries, concussions, hip and leg fractures, brain injuries, and often death. Failing to stop at a red light while driving, will result in major losses in property damage as well. Drivers who fail to stop at a red light are often distracted and in recent years, crashes of this kind have been attributed to cell phone use while driving. Drivers speeding up to “make the light” while the light is yellow, often end up entering the intersection while the light is red. This can lead cars that are turning or driving perpendicular to the driver to a major collision. Poor weather conditions that make it difficult to see traffic lights clearly, may also cause serious accidents. Drivers must come to a full stop at red traffic lights and stop signs, in order to prevent serious accidents. Giving all of your attention to traffic and not having distractions while driving, will ultimately make you a safer driver.