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According to an annual deer-vehicle collision study, you have a 1 in 253 chance of hitting a large animal while driving in Colorado. In 2017, State Farm reports, Colorado moved up one position ranking to No. 36 across the nation for where you’re most likely to hit large wildlife.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that in 2015, seven motor vehicle deaths occurred due to vehicle collisions with large animals in Colorado. And we are just entering high season for such collisions. The most common month for collisions is November, followed by October. And CDOT reminds drivers that the time between dusk and dawn is when you are most likely to encounter large animals on the road.

It is not surprising that these collisions end in serious injuries or death. An average deer weighs from 125 to 300 pounds and an average male moose weighs in around 1200-1600 pounds. And it’s not just elk, deer and moose which pose road hazards - last week a family of seven were travelling in their SUV on Interstate 70 near Rifle when it collided with a 300-pound bear. Three family members were killed, as was the bear.