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During the heat of the summer it is often tempting to cool off with your favorite cold alcoholic beverage, but preventing drinking and driving is a top priority for Colorado State Patrol. Though the CSP reports a 3.4% decrease in the number of DUI/DUID accidents for the first half of 2017 over the same period of 2016, that still represents 255 crashes resulting in injuries or fatalities.

And the Colorado Supreme Court also favors strict enforcement of the state’s DUI laws. Just this spring, the state supreme court heard three cases challenging prosecution of DUI charges: one challenged blood tests that were taken from an unconscious driver (People vs. Hyde); another challenged blood tests given after officers read a consent advisement to the driver (People vs. Simpson); and the final one challenged the admissibility of a driver’s refusal to take a BAC test (Fitzgerald vs. People). In each of the cases, the court ruled against the defendants with all three opinions issued on the same day.

But if the threat of injuring yourself and others, with aggressive law enforcement supported by the courts, is not sufficient to inspire wise choices then keep in mind the financial impact. Even if you do not cause an accident, with a DUI conviction you can expect your insurance rates to rise by 34%.