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It was just supposed to be a quick Starbucks run. Our client, L.B. (67), parked his car in a Starbucks parking lot off of Wildcat Reserve Parkway in Highlands Ranch on April 26, 2015. He was walking towards the door when he was struck on the right side by a 2010 Jeep Cherokee. L.B. suffered from multiple bruises, a fractured humerous (in two places) and a damaged shoulder socket.

He was seen immediately at Littleton Adventist Hospital and underwent a full orthopedic assessment, x-rays, and CAT scan included. It was determined four days later that L.B.’s injuries would require surgical repair and a total shoulder arthroplasty was scheduled for April 5.

A year later, L.B.’s medical expenses equaled $145,679.54.

The case settled for $200,000 which included $100,000 for an under-insured motorist claim and $100,000 (policy limit) from the Defendant’s automobile policy.