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Our client N.C. was visiting Denver during the National Western Stock Show in January, 2014. She was a passenger in a car driven by her husband when their vehicle was rear ended by a texting teen. They were at a stop and were hit from behind at a high-rate of speed.

Pre-accident, N.C. had a history of TBI and epilepsy. The car accident pushed her “over the edge” with the epilepsy, now she is permanently disabled and on SSDI. The hitter’s insurance company paid policy limits of $250,000.

Prior to the accident, N.C. worked at Lowes, but was unable to return to this position. Her economic losses exceeded $800,000 after her receipt of the $250,000. Her Under Insured Motorist coverage through State Farm refused to pay her claim. N.C. hired Chalat Hatten & Banker to pursue her claim against State Farm. Ultimately, State Farm did pay her the UIM policy limit of $250,000 in 2017.