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In January 2016, E.C. (55) and her husband were involved in a motor-vehicle accident at the intersection of Broncos Parkway and South Potomac Street. The plaintiffs were rear-ended by a car traveling 40 miles per hour. The Defendant had bent down to put something away while approaching the light. E.C. immediately felt pain in her neck and back but the initial x-rays did not reveal anything conclusive. Days later, she mentioned having great difficulty with her short-term memory, on-going headaches, and her neck pain was now causing numbness in both arms and a blue color to appear in her left hand.

Two weeks after the accident, E.C. was back in the ER exhibiting signs of post-concussion syndrome. She was struggling with her balance and hit her head days before coming in again. During this visit, E.C. revealed having a history of multiple concussions. The MRI indicated spinal stenosis (spinal narrowing) from C3 to C7. Four months later, she underwent a cervical spine procedure to correct this. Doctors diagnosed that E.C. had preexisting cervical degenerative changes which became symptomatic due to the accident.

Post- surgery, E.C. still struggles with chronic pain in her lower back and shoulder, weakness in her arm, and memory loss. These injuries have impacted her ability to complete the daily activities of living and functioning at home. Given E.C.’s permanent impairment, she requires consistent physical therapy and evaluation. She faces a strong possibility of future surgical intervention for lumbar spine issues, degenerative disease, and arthritis. In addition to the physical damages are the economic damages. E.C. will not likely be able to return to gainful employment unless her head injuries improved significantly.
E.C.’s medical expenses were over $500,000.00.

By the end of August of 2016, the case had settled. Russell Hatten secured a settlement of $495,000 for the damages faced by E.C.. In this settlement, the med pay limit and the underinsured motorist bodily injury limit were exhausted.