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Linda Chalat

Recent Posts

Ski Collision at Aspen

On February 11, 2018, C.F. was skiing on the skier’s right side of Andrews run as he passed the treeline on the right side of lower Sashay, and continued slowly on Andrews while looking down Sashay eyeing a location to drop in. As C.F. began turning towards Sashay, intending to enter Sashay on the left (far) side of Sashay, Mr. Anderson attempted to pass him on the right and collided into his back right side, knocking C.F. into the first tree on the left side of Sashay. He landed on his back with his left thigh against the tree, feet uphill, and...

Pedestrians Must Pay Attention!

The Governors Highway Safety Association has released a 2017 Preliminary Data analysis of pedestrian fatalities which identifies national trends. The most disturbing trend is the 27% increase in pedestrian fatalities from 2007 to 2016.

How to Select a Summer Away Camp

With summer quickly approaching, the summer camp season is just underway. When picking a summer camp or program for your child consider what makes for a good match. Just like every child, every camp has its own personality. The child’s interest, medical needs, allergies, dietary restrictions, family monetary concerns, co-ed or single sex, length of stay and distance from home are all some of the factors to be considered in determining the proper placement. In addition to traditional camps, there are camps that specialize in individual sports,...

Mosquitos, Ticks and Fleas, Oh No!

Illnesses from mosquito, tick or flea bites have tripled in the period from 2004 until 2016 reports the Center for Disease Control, CDC. Climate change resulting in higher average temperatures in many northern areas of the continental United States has expanded the range of mosquitos, fleas and ticks. And increasing urbanization provides more contact between the pests.

Grill the Hot Dogs, Not the Home

According to the National Fire Protection Association, the leading causes of grill fires are dirty grills, placing the grill too close to a structure and unattended grills. Most fires begin in a porch, patio or balcony.

Anchor and Protect!

Falling furniture, electronics, and appliances caused at least 363 fatalities in the United States from 2000 through 2012. And more than 4 out of every 5 fatally injured is a child younger than 8 years old. Overall, about 38,000 emergency room visits each year result from instable furniture or electronics.

Tree Wells Pose Deadly Risk

The light fluffy snow which has been blanketing the west has also increased the hazards presented by skiing in trees. The snow is easily fallen into, often resulting in suffocation.

Change Your Mind!

The Brain Injury Association of America works to de-stigmatize brain injury through outreach within the brain injury community. The BIAA empowers those who have survived brain injury and their caregivers, providing many types of support to people living with brain injury. March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and March 20th is Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill for Tuesday.

Two In-bound Avalanches Hit California Ski Areas

An avalanche hit Friday, March 2nd at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and caught five people in its wake.

Litigating Recreational Accidents from the Plaintiffs' perspective

Jim Chalat presented as a faculty member at the 35th Annual National CLE Conference - Civil Litigation at Vail, Colorado on January 3-7, 2018. His presentation reviews recreational accident claims with an emphasis on ski accidents and ski law. The presentation is a 61-page pdf file, if you wish to have a copy please email a request attorney@chalatlaw.com.