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This case involved a settlement for a 32-year-old lab technician who suffered a fractured wrist and severed tendon when an animal cage cleaner lift fell on her dominant hand, requiring surgery and resulting in a 9% whole body impairment rating.

The suit against the machine manufacturer alleged that the washer was defective because (1) an unguarded pinch point existed between the lift and the front of the machine, (2) the lift could drop uncontrollably under certain conditions and (3) no interlocking mechanism was installed on the door to prevent users from opening it when the lift was not in a secure position.

The plaintiff's employer, the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, joined the suit to recover for medical benefits and worker's compensation benefits paid to the plaintiff. and for the cost of the cage washer, claiming that the unit was so unsafe as to be unusable.

MTP Custom Machines, a New York manufacturer of industrial and laboratory wash equipment, settled with all parties for $325,000.00.

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