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Kyle Buchan was five years old when his grandfather’s vehicle was struck by a truck that had run a stop sign, sending their vehicle into a 270 degree spin. Kyle was properly restrained in a car seat, however, a plow was attached to the defendant’s truck and hit the door closest to Kyle, crashing into his head.

During emergency surgery to repair Kyle’s skull, it was found that Kyle’s brain had herniated through the fracture and fragments of bone that had been driven into the brain needed to be removed.

Kyle, fourteen at the time of the settlement, still suffers from ongoing cognitive concerns with learning, attention, speed of processing. Kyle will require various therapists and educational assistance, including behavioral therapists, in order to recover and attempt to achieve a normal life.

Mr. Chalat, of Chalat Hatten Koupal & Banker, represented the plaintiff’s family in a suit to recover the expense of past medical costs, and create a trust for Kyle to pull from to cover his future expenses because of the injury. The case was settled for $300,000.