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It is estimated that over 17,000 car crashes happen every day in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these accidents result in personal injury, leaving individuals in an often overwhelming and confusing situation. Colorado law regarding traffic accidents is complex and dense. Chalat Law has worked within the Denver community for over 30 years, dealing with every form of car accident case.

The biggest hurdles that accompany car accident cases are the long recovery times and expensive medical costs that quickly pile up for the affected individual(s). When insurance companies make low ball settlement offers, people are left wondering how they are going to cover lost wages and treatment expenses. Chalat Law’s team of talented attorneys will work closely with you to see what case can be built on your behalf, in order to protect your financial future.

How Can Chalat Law Help?

Chalat Law features an experienced and knowledgeable team of attorneys that have dealt with a wide variety of car accident cases. We approach every client with a personalized process tailored to the needs of each individual. Our attorneys recognize that no two cases are the same, and therefore, dedicate the time and attention in order to reach the best possible outcome for our clients. At Chalat Law, you’re not a case number, you’re a human being.

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Understanding the Law on Car Accidents in Colorado: Who Is Liable?

Auto accident laws can be a nightmare to try and understand on your own. They are composed in long, heavy jargon, which leaves many individuals in the dark about their rights and what their next action should be. Our car accident attorneys have lived and breathed Colorado’s auto accident laws for the past 30 years -- our first goal is explaining your rights and what you may be entitled to.

Every driver in the state owes a duty of care to the other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on the roadway. The majority of car accidents are the result of driver error, distraction, or negligence. While not always, a significant portion of these cases hold the negligent driver at fault and legally responsible for damages caused to the victim.

Our Denver car accident attorneys are prepared to help you navigate your case and the traffic laws that surround the incident. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, and more after effects following a car accident.

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What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Car accidents can be jarring and scary, but it is important to take immediate action following the incident. By not delaying, you can better protect yourself from both a health and a financial standpoint.

1. STOP - Never leave the scene of an accident. If necessary and possible, move your car to a nearby safe location.
2. Call the Police / Medical Care - If a serious injury occurs, call 9-1-1 immediately to respond to the scene. Even if a serious injury does not take place, it is important to call the police. A police report is often needed to file an insurance claim. Additionally, it serves as a valuable piece of evidence in case investigation.
3. Take Photos - If possible, use your phone to take pictures of the scene and damage. If you sustained a visible injury, it is important to document these as well.
4. Exchange Information - This is typically done by the police officer, however, it is necessary to collect the contact information of the individuals involved in the accident.
5. Seek Medical Attention - If you did sustain an injury, or are unsure if you did, it is recommended to seek medical attention to ensure you receive the necessary care.
6. Contact Your Insurance - Notify your insurance company as soon as possible to report the car accident. It is important to ask if you have medical benefits as part of your insurance coverage.
7. Call an Attorney - It is best to consult with a car accident attorney as soon as possible following the incident. In doing so, you can better protect your rights and the potential that you receive full compensation following the accident.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

In the past three consecutive years, a total of over 120,000 people have died in car accidents on U.S. roadways. Many car accidents remain preventable and are the result of operator error.

Here are the top 10 causes of car accidents:
    • Distracted Driving

    • Drunk Driving

    • Speeding

    • Reckless Driving

    • Weather

    • Running Red Lights

    • Night Driving

    • Design Defects

    • Tailgating

    • Wrong-way Driving

Why Choose Chalat Law

Chalat Law is an intentionally small-sized firm. We believe in being able to dedicate time to our clients and devote the right level of attention to listen to their concerns and questions. As car accident attorneys that have been serving the Denver community for 30 years, we are proud to help our fellow neighbors navigate the confusing nature of car accident law.

We will help ensure that you are taken care of, following your accident. Contact us today to discuss the prospects regarding your potential case.


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