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Bikes are great for transportation and exercise, and they are part of the Colorado lifestyle, but accidents end the fun. While only 30% of bicycle accidents involve a motor vehicle, these often result in significantly more serious injuries.  

Bike-car accidents tend to result in these significant serious injuries more than accidents involving two vehicles. Along with pedestrians, bicyclists are categorized by safety agencies as “vulnerable road users” because, unlike motor vehicle occupants, they have no protective structure around them and are completely dwarfed by the mass of a motor vehicle.

If your bicycle accident was caused by the driver of a motor vehicle, there is a basis for a claim for the injuries suffered. If you’ve been affected by a bicycle accident, you’re thinking about what happened and why, how you will pay for medical expenses and loss of income, and whether you may have a potentially successful case.






The attorneys of Chalat Hatten & Banker have handled all types of bicycle accident cases, where broken bones and internal or fatal injuries resulted.  We know that deep experience, insight, and compassion are required. As the victim you are likely facing many months of painful physical and emotional recovery; or as the bereaved family, your suffering is already unimaginable. We’d like to be the experienced legal ally on your side, letting you focus on what matters most, starting now.

Chalat Hatten & Banker can help. Let’s talk one-on-one about your case. We’ll answer your questions during a free, no-obligation consultation with a lawyer. Call 303.861.1042 today.