Swedish Medical Center Surgical Tech May Have Exposed Patients

Thousands of former patients of Swedish Medical Center may be infected with HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C. The local hospital recently disclosed that a former employee may have been using needles meant for patients in order to inject himself with narcotic medications.

If you were exposed to, or have tested positive as being infected by Hepatitis or HIV while a patient at Swedish Medical Center, then you may have a claim. Swedish Medical Center is operated by HealthONE Colorado, which would likely be responsible for potential claims as well as other healthcare professionals.

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If you have experienced symptoms and have a confirmed case of Hepatitis, it is important that the particular virus of Hepatitis be genotyped in order to determine the source of the infection and that you receive the most current medical response to the disease. If you have tested positive for HIV and that infection is traced back to a procedure at Swedish Medical Center, it is important that you get the highest level of medical care.

Likewise, if you were exposed or infected you should consult with an attorney concerning your potential claims. We have a working knowledge as to the legal aspects of needle infections from infected hospital employees and can explain to you what your rights, remedies, and strategy should be.

Arraignment Hearing Yields New Information

Rocky Allen, the surgical technician who stands accused of stealing drugs that Swedish hospital, potentially infecting thousands of patients with Hepatitis C and HIV, stood for an arraignment today in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. Read the Dept. of Justice press release.

The hearing to determine whether Mr. Allen would be held in custody pending trial, or released on bond, began with a private conference between the lawyers and the judge which was inaudible from the gallery. Following the conference the judge ruled that “we will be referring to it as a blood-borne pathogen and not as a medical condition.” This is the first hint that we have received in the public that Mr. Allen does in fact have a blood-borne illness. Read more

Firm partner Evan Banker is interviewed following hearing:

2/16/16 UPDATE – The surgical technician accused of stealing a powerful narcotic drug whose actions prompted wide-scale testing of Swedish Medical Center patients for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C has been arrested, officials said Tuesday.Rocky Allen is in federal custody after a grand jury indictment, according to the Department of Justice.Late yesterday, the Englewood department made a statement that federal investigators have taken over the criminal inquiry into the alleged theft of fentanyl from Swedish Medical Center by the surgical technologist.  David Jessen, a master patrol officer speaking for the department, offered no details about what his department may have found and referred questions to Swedish. Read more.


Background on Swedish Surgical Tech Exposure

Rocky Allen, age 28, was a surgical technologist at Swedish Medical Center. Allen worked in various operating rooms from August 17, 2015 to January 22, 2016. Allen’s license was suspended on January 29. The Order suspending Allen’s license noted that on January 22, “in the beginning stages of a surgical procedure,” Allen “removed a labeled Fentanyl syringe” from the anesthesia work space “and replaced the Fentanyl syringe with another labeled syringe.” The Order also notes that Allen later submitted to urinalysis testing that was positive for Fentanyl and marijuana.

The Order suspending Mr. Allen can be found here: DPO Order - Rocky Allen, former Swedish surgical technician.

Since Mr. Allen’s actions were discovered, Swedish Medical Center has been calling thousands of former patients offering to test them for HIV as well as hepatitis B and C. To date, the hospital has refused to disclose whether or not Mr. Allen was infected with HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C. See Surgical Tech Possibly Exposed Hundreds.

If you have received a call from Swedish Medical Center, or if you were a patient at Swedish Medical Center at any point between August 17, 2015 and January 22, 2016, call us for a free consultation. Our firm has experience with claims arising from contaminated surgical needles and we have experience specifically with claims against Swedish Medical Center.