You should consult an attorney if you believe that you insurance company is not treating you fairly.

There are a lot of times that you feel your insurance company isn’t holding up its end of the bargain.  An insurance policy is a contract, after all, and you have rights when your insurance carrier is offering you too little, delaying payment of your benefits, or has denied your claim altogether.  These cases are very complex, and often depend on what the language of the policy says. 

In Colorado, we have a special law designed to give you your day in court if your insurance company isn’t treating you right.  It allows for the insured to collect treble damages in certain cases, plus attorney’s fees.  This law is in addition to the normal “bad faith” breach of contract actions you may be familiar with.

There are a lot of different kinds of cases when you may have a lawsuit against your insurance company:

Automobile Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Claims

In Colorado, this is a type of insurance on your automobile policy, and is there to make sure that you get the medical care and compensation you need when someone without enough insurance crashes into you and causes injuries and damages. Often times, however, your own insurance company turns on you when you file a claim, and delay paying you benefits, or offers you less than what you believe you are owed.  Speaking to attorney if this is happening will help you sort out this complicated process, and understand if you have a case against your auto insurer.

Denial of Coverage

Sometimes your insurance company denies your claim – whether for an auto accident, a homeowners claim – and you may think that you deserve those benefits. “Coverage cases,” as they are called, can be very difficult, and highly complex.  They involve complicated insurance policies, and you should speak to an attorney if you believe that your claim was wrongfully denied.

Claims Against Your Homeowner’s Insurance Carrier

Did you have a fire? Was someone hurt on your property?  Flooded basement?  Just because you have homeowners insurance doesn’t mean that your carrier is going to pay you what it owes.  Often times, the carrier will rely on the language of your policy to deny your claim, or has delayed paying you your benefits for property damage.  Waiting too long to pay you, or not properly investigating the claim in the first place, can lead to claims against insurance companies for bad faith.  If this is happening to you, you should speak with an attorney to see if you have a claim.

Commercial Property Damage

Hail damage? Fire?  Vandalism?  Flood?  If you own or operate a business, you count on your equipment and location.  You have invested a lot of time and money, and you also bought insurance to make sure your income and your business would be protected.  The insurance policy in this area are very long, are very complex, and can sometimes lead to a lot of confusion about whether or not a claim is covered.  Or sometimes a carrier takes so long to investigate the claim, or has delayed paying benefits.  The loses for commercial property damage are very large, and can sometimes takes years to sort out.  You should speak with an attorney in order to make sure you are protected.