What is an explosion case?

Explosive and combustible materials are encountered daily, and usually safely.  But explosions and fires do occur when safety measures are ignored. Propane gas is one of the most common sources of gas explosions.  

Many people rely on propane to heat their homes and fuel their appliances. Unfortunately, relying on propane gas puts people at risk of serious, life-threatening explosions. Most of these accidents occur due to tank or distribution system leakages, and may occur in commercial facilities, such as hotels, or in a private residence serviced by a local propane distributor.

In the USA, approximately 1 out of 8 fire deaths result from motor vehicle explosions or fires. These are often due to faulty manufacturer design, road defects or accidents due to the negligence of another other driver.

Of approximately 2.4 million burn injuries reported in the US each year, 650,000 result in serious injury to skin and tissues and 8,000-12,000 result in death. Burn injuries are the second leading cause of accidental death in the US, just behind motor vehicle accidents.

Although burns usually affect the skin, other areas of the body can also be injured. For example, airways and lungs can be damaged as a result of inhaling hot fumes and toxic gases.

What makes a burn case unique?

The science behind the accident will be critical – much forensic work can help target the party responsible for the explosion.  Understanding the chemistry behind the explosion will allow your lawyer to use the facts to argue your case.

Explosions involving inflammable material often lead to serious personal injuries to victims, including second degree or third degree burns. The pain can literally become intolerable, causing the brain to stop responding to damaged internal organs. Even if one is able to survive the pain, treatment for the burns such as skin grafting and special garments compound the victim's sufferings. Finally, the victim faces permanent scarring and disfigurement at the end of the healing process.

Of all catastrophic injuries, burns require some of the most expensive care. Burn injuries often require extensive hospital stays, with a team of specialists attending the victim. Even after discharge, reconstruction and rehabilitation costs can be exorbitant.


What to expect from a burn or explosion lawsuit?

A successful claim for an explosion accident usually involves serious damages. Medical expenses for internal injuries, broken bones and severe burns can easily run into six-figures. The nature of the injuries suffered in many explosions often means expensive treatment and rehabilitation are needed over a long-term period. These medical expenses are often coupled with a loss of income if the victim was previously employed. The injured victim may seek compensation from the negligent party for all of these expenses. Read more about Damages.


Accidents happen. What’s next?

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