Who is held responsible for my accident?

Contrary to the popular expression “accidents happen,” most serious accidents occur because someone was careless.  An accident lawsuit allows an injured person to seek compensation from the party  responsible for the accident. Liability is the legal responsibility for an accident or injury.  A person or business may be liable for an accident if their carelessness or "negligence" caused the accident.

The law in Colorado surrounding accidents can be difficult to interpret and understand. For example, in Colorado, if one person involved in an accident was less careful than another, the less careful one must pay for at least a portion of the damages suffered by the more careful one.  Read more on liability for a personal injury.

My accident occurred in Colorado, do I need to file in Colorado?

Because most accident claims arise from state law, the claim will be pursued in the state where the accident occurred. Regardless of where you are now, if your accident occurred in Colorado, the claim will need to be filed in Colorado.

How long do I have to file an accident lawsuit?

Lawsuits for most Colorado accidents must be filed within two years of the accident with the exception of motor vehicle accidents.  Claims for traffic accidents must be filed with the court within three years of the accident; this is the statute of limitations for motor vehicle accident lawsuits in Colorado. Read more about time limits.

What accidents result in lawsuits?

Any accident which causes serious injuries may be the basis of a claim for negligence against the responsible person or business.  For some accidents, such as a simple car crash, responsibility may be clear.  But for many situations, liability is a complicated question of law and requires experience and training to determine the strength of a personal injury claim.