The attorneys at Chalat Hatten & Banker have been serving clients for over 30 years as a preeminent Colorado personal injury law firm. We have many success stories to share, but hearing praise directly from our past clients will help you to understand the counsel you can expect from us during your personal injury lawsuit.

Excellent Attorney

Jim Chalat is an excellent attorney. Very professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. His experience and intuition helped me achieve a very favorable settlement in a ski accident. I am very pleased with Jim Chalat and the staff in his law firm. I would highly recommend Jim Chalat.
Ski Accident Client

Extremely Knowledgeable About the Law

I was referred to Mr. Hatten to assist in a personal injury case for my minor son related to injuries sustained in a skiing accident. Russell was always available, promptly answering all questions & inquiries, and was of great assistance to my wife and I through this foray in the legal arena. Russell is extremely knowledgeable about the law and is a true professional.
Mark, Personal Injury Client

Knowledgeable, determined, professional

When I had nearly given up all hope that I could ever find justice, after I had exhausted all the Medical Customer Protection sources I could find, Linda Chalat became aware of my struggle, contacted me, and gave me hope for the first time in nearly two years. She immediately took the burden of worries off my shoulders and worked diligently to achieve the greatest justice possible. While she had to deal with the frustration of unethical and uncooperative so-called professionals, she never once stooped to their level. She worked very hard to get the very best resolution possible under the specific circumstances of my case. She didn’t allow things to drag on, yet nor did she become impatient with the time she had to spend on my behalf. I didn’t achieve all my goals of resolution, but her advice to me about what was possible and what was not worth the pain and strain, I trusted without a doubt as the very best guidance. I never felt like I was just another client, I felt I had a compassionate friend who wanted the very, very best for me. I shall ever be grateful to Linda Chalat and her firm for all the extras that they gave to me. I highly recommend Linda Chalat as knowledgeable, determined, professional, compassionate and ethical.
Lois, Medical Malpractice Client

Jim Chalat – honesty, integrity, RESULTS!

Mr. Challat represented my son and myself in a complex medical malpractice case and obtained an unprecedented verdict on our behalf. He is a brilliant lawyer with utmost integrity and commitment, both professionally and personally.
Neta, a Medical Malpractice client

Excellent Attorney

Evan Banker was very sensitive to my situation and was great at listening to my concerns. He was very competent and knew exactly how to approach my case. He was very reasonable during negotiation discussions and his interpersonal skills were a plus! I was very happy with the resolution of my case.
Pam, a Personal Injury client

Caring and Powerful Representation

Jim and his partner led us through a difficult process of having to sue a ski resort for injuries my son received on lift accident. Jim was kind to us throughout the process and guided us every step of the way. He is highly effective and knows the ski law. His credibility forced the other side to take us seriously. I would highly recommend Jim.
Tom, Ski Lift Accident Client

Ski Injury case by Evan Banker

Evan exceeded my expectations in all category’s. He loves the Law and the results show he has a passion for the Law.
He was honest at all times and did not ever over commit.
Evan’s knowledge of skiing was a tremendous asset. He came out and skied with me as to have hands on knowledge of the accident scene.
There were many times Evan kept me between the lines in my own best interest with his advice and counsel. I found him to be wise beyond his years.
I was impressed with the support Evan had from his Firm as well. Top notch and Professional.It was very obvious Evan has had many great Mentors.
My case was not black and white in nature and Evan was able to determine what we needed to do to make the case stronger. He was sharp as a Tack at all times. He never missed an opportunity within the law to make impacts on my case. He was stellar in deposition and made it very natural for me to be comfortable and truthful in all aspects of our process. This was the biggest factor in my encounter with Evan from day one. His integrity was beyond reproach.
The results we achieved far exceeded my expectations.
I could not say too many positive things about this attorney and Man.
Ben, ski accident client

Ski Injury Case

Russell was very supportive during the entire process. He did a great job of telling me what to expect from the very beginning and the information he provided did align with the outcome of the case. His firm has a great reputation and that carries weight when dealing with a possible settlement and insurance companies. The settlement I received was well worth the small amount of time I spent coordinating information with Russell. I was very pleased with the outcome and would gladly recommend Russell and his firm to others involved in ski injury cases.
Melinda, a ski accident client