A five year old fell from a chair lift and was dragged for several feet before the operator responded. His parents said a chair lift operator at the Sierra-At-Tahoe Resort wasn’t paying attention when the boy fell out, resulting in his hips and thighs being in a cast.

The youngster, along with his brother, father and grandfather, took a skiing trip to the resort Friday. Just as they were reaching the end of their second ride up the Easy Rider Express chair lift, which is near the base lodge, the boy fell out. His father reported that when he looked over at the chair lift operator, she was looking down and didn’t notice the accident until the chair had dragged him 10 to 15 feet.
An ambulance took the boy to a hospital with bruises and a dislocated hip.
The resort disputes the family’s story, saying the operator did her job just fine. A Sierra-At-Tahoe spokesperson said the operator saw the boy fall and immediately hit the stop button on the lift. At that point, the chair passed over him. The operator reportedly then ran out of the lift shack to help the youngster and came back into the lift shack to immediately call ski patrol.

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