Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill that would allow a “law-abiding person” to carry a concealed weapon without a permit in Colorado, including at universities. Written in partnership with pro-gun group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, House Bill would make it optional to carry a concealed-carry permit.

shootem.jpgThe bill comes as pro-gun advocates have filed a lawsuit seeking to allow concealed weapons at the University of Colorado. The Colorado Court of Appeals in April 2010 reversed an earlier ruling by El Paso County District Judge David Miller who dismissed a lawsuit filed in 2008 by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus seeking to overturn the University of Colorado’s gun ban. Gun control advocates are now asking the Colorado Supreme Court to dismiss the case altogether, thereby upholding the university’s ban.
Now it is possible, however, that before the Supreme Court rules on the case, HB 1205 could become law, which would permit concealed weapons without a permit in Colorado, including at colleges and universities. The proposed bill would still provide for prohibited locations as those for concealed carry, such as public grade schools.
The sponsor of the bill points out that most places in Colorado, people are already allowed to “open carry” without a permit, and drive with a gun in their car without a permit. Meanwhile, the University of Colorado is raising concerns over independent governance. State university officials believe they have a constitutional right to govern themselves, separate from state government.

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