A Northern Michigan woman, the victim of a freak accident on a ski-hill, may be left without a legal remedy. An out of control snowboarder ran into her on the hill causing serious injury to her leg. What happened to the woman on a December ski trip could change her life forever.

On December 17th, an out-of-control snowboarder sliced her leg and she hasn’t been able to walk since. The snowboarder’s snowboard at Boyne Highlands did severe damage — first, it broke her brand new ski boot, then it ripped through her pants to her skin, and tore five tendons, two nerves, and cut an artery. As she recovers, she wonders who that person was who ran into her — and why she doesn’t have answers
The snowboarder, who Amy knows only as a 19-year old kid named Andy, went to get help, but that’s the last she had heard from him. The woman acknowledges that she agreed to a Release of Liability, which says she skis at her own risk, but she questions the accident report that was filled out.
In an e-mail, Boyne spokesperson says their first priority is to attend to the injured. Contact information is gathered by all parties involved, but in instances where the other party flees the scene or does not provide information, the priority is to attend to the injured and then seek the other party.
In the Ski Area Safety Act of 1962, it says if somebody injures another, they are to inform Ski Patrol and identify themselves, or face a misdemeanor punishment which could mean 30 days in jail.

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