Aspen will be a safer ski town this season. After years of alleged bad behavior that allegedly includes a history of biting, a “vicious” dog has been banned from Aspen by a municipal court judge. Gizmo, who is reportedly a Pomeranian, will be seized by animal control officers and euthanized if he returns to the resort town, Judge Brooke Peterson told his owner, Melinda Goldrich, at a hearing earlier this week. Goldrich had admittedly violated an earlier court order by leaving the dog unattended in public, reports the Aspen Times.

vicious dog.jpgAlthough he was on a leash at the time and tied to a fence, the toy dog is accused of biting a passerby who tried to calm him, the newspaper recounts. She did not seek medical attention. Goldrich admitted she negligently left Gizmo unattended for what she expected to be only a few minutes and has found another home for him.

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