heap of dollars with stethoscope

Yesterday, USA Today reported on its investigation into bad doctors, those who have a history of malpractice or negligence, and the menace they continue to pose to the public. The report cites findings that hundreds of doctors with multiple malpractice claims still have their licenses and weak oversight by state medical boards contribute to the lack of oversight.  Often, individual doctors practice for years before any significant regulatory action is taken.   Read Dangerous Doctors Allowed to Keep Practicing.

This occurs in Colorado as demonstrated by a wrongful death case in which a doctor with a significant history of complaints and malpractice lawsuits was found negligent in the death of a mother, see $1.3 Million Verdict for Family in Wrongful Death Med Mal Case.  And the difficulty of winning a medical malpractice lawsuit in Colorado, because of the domination of the medical community by a single malpractice insurance company Colorado Physicians Insurance Company, gives many negligent physicians a free pass because of the lack of reportable offenses.

If you believe that a medical care provider has provided substandard care, then contact the Colorado Medical Board.  A complaint form is provided online.  If you have been seriously injured and feel you deserve compensation, then contact a medical malpractice lawyer to discuss your legal options.

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