I guess every profession has its share of "old wives tales" and "urban myths," but the practice of personal injury law seems to be a huge magnet for nonsense. Maybe this is because there is so much nonsense in our judicial system.

What to look for here 

smwitches.gifThis blog is in part a way to respond to the stories of incredible lawsuits and huge jury verdicts as they appear on the nation’s media waves. It will also provide information for you, the consumer – the average citizen who may suffer some harm because of the bad acts of another, and who would like to know if there is any recourse. And occasionally it will be a call to action, to protect your rights from the overreaching control of billion dollar businesses over our federal and state legislatures. But we are not a set-mouth, clenched-fist type of group – we welcome a good story, or even a good joke – and we’ll share it with our readers.

Colorado Law Blog is written by Colorado lawyers 

This blog will be fed by several attorneys – we each have extensive litigation and trial experience, almost exclusively in the area of personal injury law. And we care about the people we help and the rights which they exercise when seeking justice. Each person we help has a unique story, some of which we will share with you.

Let Us Know What Concerns You 

For those of you skeptical of the value of the plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyer viewpoint – give us a couple of weeks worth of reading, then let us know what you think.

Of note:

For those of you who are fans of the Stella Awards – take a brief moment to glance at the advertisements throughout the website…yep, paid advertisements by personal injury lawyers. Seems the Stella folks are happy to bully and bad-mouth personal injury plaintiffs, but don’t mind sharing in the profits from the work. But, hey, they are "completely independent."

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