On December 7, 2005 Lauren Angermann was skiing on the Moonlight ski run at Steamboat Ski Resort. The Moonlight ski run is a blue, or “more difficult” ski run. Ms. Angermann was skiing slowly, and in control within the ski area boundaries.

While skiing Moonlight ski run, Ms. Angermann’s skis slid underneath an unmarked man-made hose or pipe; she double ejected from her bindings, and fell forward onto her left shoulder. She was wearing a helmet. The man-made hose or pipe was covered with snow, it was neither marked, nor roped off in any fashion, there were no warnings of the presence of the hose. It was not readily visible to plaintiff from 100 feet away, or for that matter, at the point of the accident.

As a ski area operator, Steamboat Ski Area had a duty to “mark hydrants, water pipes, and all other man-made structures on slopes and trails which are not readily visible to skiers under conditions of ordinary visibility from a distance of at least one hundred feet.” C.R.S. § 33-44-107(7).

Ms. Angermann suffered serious injuries, including a comminuted valgus impacted four part fracture of the left shoulder, cervical spine strain, and temporary, complete neuropraxia of the right upper extremity. She underwent surgery including an internal reduction and fixation to correct the fracture and fixation with hardware to stabilize the fracture.

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