Sadly two deaths occurred this past weekend which highlight the need to take safety measures whenever you hit the slopes. A Washington state skier died on Friday, just two days after a fall in a terrain park, and on Sunday an Oregon man was killed when he fell at Mount Hood.

The Kitsap County, Washington man injured in a ski accident at Crystal Mountain ski resort died Friday, two days after taking a spill at the mountain’s terrain park. The skier was evidently caught by surprise by a roll, a terrain-park feature where the ground drops away mildly. He fell and suffered a spinal-cord injury that immediately paralyzed him from the jaw down. He was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where he later died.
The skier had to go through a gate and pass a sign to enter the terrain park, and was a season pass-holder. This tragic accident highlights the unique nature of the terrain parks located in many ski areas – the skiing experience is completely different and terrain areas should only be entered with a clear idea of what you might face.
And on Sunday, a skiing accident happened at the Mount Hood Meadows area. One skier was killed when he fell while skiing on steep terrain in the area of Memorial Bowl. This area is classified as a double black diamond run. The victim hit his head when he slammed into a tree, causing head injuries that appear to have been the cause of his death. He was not wearing a helmet.
The numbers are a little daunting when reviewing the ski deaths – cautionary tales to inspire one to do everything you can to avoid injury. Stay aware of your surroundings, anticipate changes in terrain and always wear a helmet on the slopes.

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