British insurance company AA Travel Insurance is urging millions of Brits who will hit the slopes this season to purchase winter sports holiday insurance. With an increase in the numbers of severe ski and board accidents, it is absolutely vital to have winter sports insurance, warns Europe’s biggest ski magazine, the Good Ski Guide.

insuranceshield.jpgThe Guide, in an exclusive expose, highlights in particular the increase in the numbers of skier-on-skier personal collisions, and says that many of the accidents are caused by boarders. The Guide’s call has been endorsed by AA Travel Insurance, a specialist provider in winter sports cover . The AA understands the market and the skier’s needs, and this year they’ll be at the Metro Ski & Snowboard Show (October 21-25) to offer not just information, but the right cover and the chance to win a fabulous week’s family winter sports holiday in Soll, Austria.
Christian Young, AA Travel Insurance’s CEO, said, “At AA Travel Insurance we expect an increase in winter sports claims. There’s no doubt that skiing and snowboarding is becoming more and more popular, therefore it is inevitable there’ll be more accidents on the slopes this coming season. The harsh reality of the situation is that if you have an accident on the slopes it could cost you and your family thousands of pounds without insurance.”
John Hill, Editor of the Good Ski Guide, said, “There has been a steady rise in the number of people choosing skiing and snowboarding holidays for the past 10 years and this is continuing in spite of the Recession.”
Hill continues, “With more people enjoying the sport, the pistes are becoming more crowded and therefore accidents are on the increase. A little common sense will go a long way towards a happy and trouble-free holiday. But you still need the protection of insurance because as we’ve witnessed, the unexpected may be just around the next bend.”
Something of a novelty In the U.S., travel insurance for sport holidays is common for European travlers. Not only does the insurance typically cover the cost of medical expenses incurred while on holiday, Winter sports insurance is also important in case you’re deemed as being liable for causing an accident on the slopes, so personal liability insurance is absolutely fundamental. It’s the same for car insurance… it’s not to protect just you – it’s also for the protection of others around you as busier pistes mean more accidents.
As well as considering the dangers of skiing/boarding off-piste, all skiers and boarders must also consider their own and other people’s safety at all times when on the mountain such as;

  • Only attempt runs suitable for your ability
  • Have some lessons if you’re a beginner
  • Pay attention to all signs and markers on the slopes
  • Leave plenty of space when overtaking another skier or boarder
  • Only stop at the edge of the piste or where you can easily be seen
  • Ski/snowboard on the marked runs – these are protected from unexpected alpine dangers
  • Ensure you and your party have a piste map and don’t stray from the main area
  • Don’t ski alone, safety in numbers
  • Do some exercise and get fit before you go
  • Avoid alcohol until you have finished skiing/boarding for the day

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