Over a dozen people, including toddlers and grandparents, required medical treatment for minor to moderate injuries after a small amusement park train tipped over. The accident happened Wednesday at Tiny Town, a long-time favorite tourist spot where a child-size replica of an Old West offers low-tech fun.

The engine of the small, open car train that runs through the miniature town tipped over first and all five cars followed. Nineteen people were treated at the scene and 15 of them ended up being transported to hospitals. He said most of the injuries are bumps and bruises.
State officials says no mechanical problems were found with the train. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment has said it was likely operator error that caused the train to go off the tracks. Labor department spokeswoman Cher Haavind says the driver of the small train told investigators that he accelerated rather than braked going into a curve. She says a third-party inspector will look at the other locomotives at Tiny Town Tuesday.
The amusement park is open, but the train isn’t running.

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