Evan exceeded my expectations in all category’s. He loves the Law and the results show he has a passion for the Law.
He was honest at all times and did not ever over commit. Evan’s knowledge of skiing was a tremendous asset. He came out and skied with me as to have hands on knowledge of the accident scene.

There were many times Evan kept me between the lines in my own best interest with his advice and counsel. I found him to be wise beyond his years. I was impressed with the support Evan had from his Firm as well. Top notch and Professional. It was very obvious Evan has had many great Mentors.

My case was not black and white in nature and Evan was able to determine what we needed to do to make the case stronger. He was sharp as a Tack at all times. He never missed an opportunity within the law to make impacts on my case. He was stellar in deposition and made it very natural for me to be comfortable and truthful in all aspects of our process. This was the biggest factor in my encounter with Evan from day one. His integrity was beyond reproach.
The results we achieved far exceeded my expectations.

I could not say too many positive things about this attorney and Man.